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6 Stocks For Your Portfolio: Market Pro

A flood of companies have yet to report earnings throughout this week, so how should investors prepare their portfolios? Jason Pride, director of research at Haverford Investments, shared his views.

Earnings & the Market

“We are seeing the general market taking a breath at this time,” Pride told CNBC.

“We’ve had a pretty monstrous surge on some hopes and aspirations that are likely going to come out and come true. But we have to wait for the market to digest some of what’s going through.” (Scroll down for Pride's full stock recommendations.)

Pride said the current earnings season seems “pretty good” so far.

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“We’re having to go through a process with the third quarter of companies starting to deliver topline,” he said.

“It’s going to be slow. It’s still the third quarter in the initial stages of an economic rebound and we have to pace ourselves for that… Generally speaking, when we look back at this earnings season, it’s going to end up being a good one as companies continue to surprise on earnings and a little bit on revenues.”

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Union Pacific

Air Products & Chem

Abbott Labs

Becton Dickinson

CVS Caremark

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