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I know marketcap is a relatively meaningless stat, but Apple's is truly an astounding figure. With today's surge, the company is worth roughly $178 billion. That's more than Google ($175 billion) and General Electric ($165 billion), the parent company of this fine network.

In fact, only Microsoft is worth more in the tech space.

More interesting, Apple's market cap is now greater than Dell's and Hewlett-Packard's combined ($145 billion), even though those two companies comprise 40% of the market share for personal computers, compared to Apple's paltry 4%.

Apple commands 15% of the market for smart phones, and 4% for all cell phones, but its total value is still twice that of Research in Motion's and Nokia's combined ($88 billion).

So basically, in the most simple terms, Apple is worth just slightly less than one RIMM ($38 billion), one Dell ($30 billion) and a Hewlett-Packard ($115 billion).

And yet to some, the company still looks downright cheap.

"If you look at earnings and valuation, you're talking $280," said Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, who noted that Apple's quarter was slightly constrained by the fact that it couldn't build enough iPhones, a trend that could bode well for the holiday season.

"As good as the quarter was, it's gonna get even better," said Munster. 

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