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Where to Invest Amid the Pessimism: Market Pros


The Dow bounced back on Wednesday after a quick drop at the market open. So how should you be invested? Tommy Williams, president of Williams Financial Advisers, and Joe Heider, president of Dawson Wealth Management, told investors where they see opportunities in this market.

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“I think the market is headed upward,” Williams told CNBC.

But he does see potential pitfalls: “I have to say, the investor is persistently pessimistic in the face of all this very positive economic news. They have been buying, but they’re still pessimistic and there’s still some concern.”

Williams said although the economic indicators are positive, the market has come “very far, very fast” and investors should be careful to advance and protect their gains.

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In the meantime, Heider also said the market is headed upward, but will be choppy during the earnings season.

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“It’s not only about earnings, but it’s also about topline revenue,” he said. “Investors are going to pay particular attention on 'are these companies growing?' —not simply cutting costs to improve earnings.”

Heider said he sees "broad-based investment styles" across the world such as in Asia—in particular, China, Malaysia and India. Additionally, he likes Canada because of that nation's resources.

“We think that the dollar will continue its downward trend versus other world currencies,” he added.

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