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Googling Tweets


Maria Bartiromo recently sat down Google’s Marissa Mayer who heads up the company’s search products and user experience about Google’s licensing agreement with Twitter. Now, Google will receive a stream of Tweets to enhance Google’s search results.

So how is it going to work? Mayer said, “This will enhance search. Twitter is a way for people to communicate but it’s also a wealth of information around what’s happening right now all around the world. By harnessing all the Tweets will help the users that are searching for that information at that moment.”

This is just another opportunity for Google to dig deeper into search, “fills a key part of the Google experience for users to find the latest information”, said Mayers.

Too Much Info?

Googling Tweets

But is too much information a good thing? What about the overwhelming factor? How do you sort through all that information?

Google is not worried because “sorting through information is our business”, said Mayer.

The company sorts through web pages, they will do the same sorting through Tweets. Mayer thinks Google “will achieve very good relevance.”

What’s the next biggest thing in tech right now?

Mayer said it’s the concept of “sensory revolution”, based around mobile technology. “If you think about what Tweets really are they are people around the world acting like sensors feeding in data of what’s happening and so first time we’re seeing we’re seeing data on a mass scale being able to sense what the world is like and help other people find that information out.”

Innovation is Recession-Proof

As for how the sector is doing in the current environment, Mayer said, “there’s never a recession in innovation. To get us out of a recession, innovation is a big driver. It’s what’s new, what’s changing what’s merging.” 



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