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How Is Vick Doing?

Michael Vick

It has been two months and 10 days since the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick.

So how is Vick doing from an image standpoint?

Animal activists certainly aren't protesting enough to get any attention anywhere, but that doesn't mean Vick is close to signing endorsement deals.

E-Poll Market Research has done some extensive polling work on Vick and here are the numbers.

Before Vick was charged in connection with the dogfighting ring, E-Poll surveyed the public five times on their sentiment of Vick. The percentage of people who said they liked him ranged from 42 to 59 percent during that time. Since being charged, E-Poll numbers show that the majority people dislike Vick and things haven't really changed since he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles.

On Aug. 10, three days before Vick signed with the Eagles, E-Poll's survey revealed 75 percent of the population disliked Vick. A survey taken this Wednesday revealed that the percentage that disliked him had only dropped to 71 percent. The percentage of people who said they liked him was 13 percent, which is virtually unchanged from when he was first charged.

"He's going to have to score a lot more touchdowns if he's ever going to get back to being a viable endorser on a national level," said Randy Parker, marketing consultant for E-Poll.

Despite taking the trouble to sign him, the Eagles (3-2) have hardly utilized the quarterback. Vick hasn't scored or thrown for a touchdown and his longest run is 11 yards.
Two friends of Michael Vick are opening a restaurant today in Lynchburg, Va., named "7," which is of course Vick's number. Vick has no financial stake in the establishment.

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