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Covering today's hottest financial topics, "The Suze Orman Show" helps people make the connection between self worth and net worth. In a format that's fast-paced, down-to-earth, and entertaining, Suze candidly tells her audience the truth about money so they can change the course of their financial destiny -to have more and be more. They will also gain Suze's insight on how to protect themselves financially, resulting in personal empowerment that's exemplified in their bank accounts.

11/07/09 -- CNSUZ110709 – LAST CASH SURVIVAL LIST: When you're strapped for cash, where can you go? Suze gives the order of where to look first to keep your head above water. And an all anniversary Can I Afford it to celebrate 3 years of Suze's most popular segment!

11/14/09 -- CNSUZ111409 – WARNING SIGNS OF A BAD ADVISOR: The 5 warning signs your financial advisor doesn't have your best interest at heart. Viewers ask if they can afford joining a swim club, Juvederm.

11/21/09 -- CNSUZ112109 -- HOLIDAY SALE TEMPTATION: Why you shouldn't give in to the sale signs in the windows this season. A sneak peak of Suze's visit to The Biggest Loser! Viewers ask if they can afford a Ferrari, QE2 Cruise.

11/28/09 -- CNSUZ112809 -- HEALTH & WEALTH: Suze talks to Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels about the health-wealth connection. Plus never-before-seen clips of Suze's one-on-ones with Biggest Loser contestants. Viewers ask if they can afford a Chef's jacket from a famous cake maker, a Camaro.

12/05/09 -- CNSUZ120509 -- FEE FRENZY: New Credit Card Fees & interest rate hikes and what you can do about it. Viewers ask if they can afford a week at a health spa, custom closets.

12/12/09 -- CNSUZ121209 -- GET REAL!: What you can do to get real about your money situation. A woman asks for help after she & her husband spent their lives "living for the moment." Viewers ask if they can afford a Tennessee Walking Horse, Wedding China.

12/19/09 -- CNSUZ121909 -- WANTS VS. NEEDS: Rationalizing why you need things. A couple wants a bigger home but doesn't want to short sell their condo. Viewers want to know if they can afford to rebuild a classic Datsun, a cruise for a 16th birthday.

12/26/09 -- CNSUZ122609 -- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!: Suze celebrates with a new "Best calls you've never Heard," plus a look back at her year in jackets! Viewers ask if they can afford a catamaran, a high-end briefcase.

01/02/10 -- CNSUZ010210 -- NEW YEAR, FRESH APPROACH: Suze gives you a new approach to your money for 2010. A follow up on guest Travis who hadn't paid his taxes in 4 years. Viewers ask if they can afford an accordion, a ski pass. And vote for your favorite Lou t-shirt!

01/09/10 -- CNSUZ010910 -- YOUR MONEY 2010: Why taking control of your money & retirement is more important than ever. Viewers ask if they can afford a Vespa, $10K entry fee to the World Series of Poker.

01/16/10 -- CNSUZ011610 -- PEOPLE FIRST, THEN MONEY, THEN THINGS: What Suze really means when she says this. A mother doesn't know how to get her adult son to pay a loan back and get out of her house. Viewers ask if they can afford custom rims, a Tag Heuer watch.

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