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Apple Fan Alert: The iPhone Costume—And It Works

Apple fans have been creating Halloween costumes based on Apple products for years. But two guys in Florida came up with the ultimate Apple costume: an iPhone—that works.


They created a sandwich-board type frame using wood and metal, then inset a 37-inch LCD screen on top of that. The iPhone is connected at the top, where they choose which app to display on the screen. It’s all powered by a car battery strapped, um … between their legs. (If that's not dedication, I don't know what is.)

They keep three batteries on them at all times, delivering 4.5 hours of battery life total. They can even charge their iPhones using the USB port on the television.

The only downside: The costumes weigh 85 pounds, which means they have to take breaks when wearing them. And, the LCD screens aren’t touch screen — yet. It’s all controlled by the iPhone mounted on top.

Reko Rivera (left in the photo above) is an actor and DJ who’s currently getting paid to scare guests at Busch Gardens. He started making iPod costumes four years ago, but this is the first one that works. His partner in iCrime is John Savio (right), an unemployed former Apple employee, who used to teach people how to use their Macs. He also used to work for a local late-night show.

They combined their tech and show-biz skills, plus the carpentry skills of their friend John Matthews, to create the costume that has Apple fanboys salivating all of the Internet.

And, of course, they draw attention wherever they go: Wednesday night Riko created a stir in a Florida nightclub by playing Pac Man on the screen across his chest.

The two costumes cost $2,000 total to make. That’s no chump change — especially for someone who’s unemployed. So, they’re trying to win back their money by entering costume contests. They’ve actually made $1,000 already by winning two local contests in Florida. They’ve got another big one on Halloween, plus they’ve entered at least a dozen contests on the Internet.

“This is my job!” Savio said — only half-joking.

Their ultimate goal is to catch the attention of Apple.

Since Apple already uses humans in their wildly successful “Mac vs. PC” commercials, Savio said, “Why not have two iPhones talking about how amazing the apps run on themselves?”

Whether Apple offers them a job or not, someone will probably hire them. They’ve already marketed themselves brilliantly.

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