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Cramer: Congress Holds Key to Nat Gas’ Future


If natural gas is going to reach its potential as a bridge fuel between carbon-coughing crude oil and clean-air solar and wind power, the commodity’s going to need some strong Washington backing. But right now nat gas’ pipsqueak-sized political muscle is being outflexed by a lumberjack-like coal lobby, which means the better fossil fuel isn’t getting its due.

Anytime natural gas makes some progress within the Beltway, Cramer’s overjoyed. Such was the case when Oklahoma Congressman Dan Boren landed $5 million in additional funding for nat-gas vehicle research, as an amendment to the 2010 Energy and Water Appropriations Act. The Blue Dog Democrat also teamed up with Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tim Murphy to form the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus. They may not sound like much, but these moves were crucial to kick-starting an otherwise stalled out nat-gas push in Washington.

Boren’s home just happens to be the location of Mad Money’s next Back to School Tour stop on Friday, at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. But the Sooner State’s also a big natural gas area, as it’s the fourth largest in terms of reserves and the second largest in terms of production. Who better to ask about the commodity’s political prospects than Boren himself? Watch the video for Cramer’s full interview.

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