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Paul Mabray, VinTank


2008 Benessere Pinot Grigio - $26

I enjoy the feeling of “well-being” when starting the holiday circus known as our family get-together. Italian for well-being and prosperity, Benessere’s Pinot Grigio is a bright start to any event. Full of floral qualities that entice you, it is coupled with sharp tropical fruit (pineapple, mango, and citrus) allowing the wine to jumpstart the day with everyone smiling and getting ready for cheese appetizers while I slave... er, cook away in the background.

2007 Thomas George Estates Russian River Valley Pinot Noir - $38

For my family, nothing says Thanksgiving like Pinot Noir. Thomas George Estates’ Pinot is a cacophony of flavors in your mouth that show you why Russian River is the king of Pinot in Napa Valley. With a wild mix of explosive cherries (think fireworks in your mouth) and classic Russian River qualities hinting towards “leather,” this is a wine to truly savor on Turkey Day.

Paul MabrayChief Strategy OfficerVinTank