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Bidding for Motorized La-Z-Boy Tops $40,000


The chair, which apparently can go up to 40 miles per hour and even pop wheelies, was confiscated by police in northern Minnesota (yah) after its owner was arrested for driving drunk in the vehicle last year.

Dennis LeRoy Anderson, 47, pleaded guilty to the charge last month, admitting to police that he drove the vehicle to a bar and had eight or nine beers before crashing the chair into a parked car on his way home. Apparently, he was, uh, giving a female patron a ride on the chair when he lost control and they were both tossed off the vehicle.

“It did a wheelie and I flipped off the back in the middle of the street—and he fell off—the chair went running into the parked car,” Tammy Verrill told the AP.

(Watch the AP video with interviews with Verrill and Anderson.)

The chair’s all tricked out: It’s powered by a lawnmower engine, has front and rear lights, a cupholder and even a stereo system.

The bidding is already up to a whopping $43,000, which makes you wonder who has that kind of money in an economy like this.

Autographed photo of Dennis L. Anderson in his motorized La-Z-Boy style chair

The silver lining is that the proceeds will go to the police and city of Proctor, Minn., which have been pretty hard hit by budget cuts.

Anderson told the AP he’s furious about the sale — that someone else is capitalizing on his invention. He's so mad, he said, that he just might try his hand at a new chair.

“I’m a build a bigger, better one (sic),” he said.

In the meantime, he’s auctioning off a photo of himself on the chairon eBay to help pay for his fine and legal fees. The latest bid was around $300.

So, what do you do with a vehicle like this? Proctor police caution that it’s not a street-legal vehicle but would be great for parades or to draw customers to your business.

You know what else it would be great for? Driving to the kitchen for a refill!

Want to see the chair in action? Watch this video made by the Proctor Police Department:

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