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Cramer Says to Stay Positive

Cramer on Monday reiterated one of his cardinal investing rules: It never pays to be 100% bearish.

Schooling the Bears

Or bullish, for that matter. But he largely was focused on Wall Street’s overly negative mouthpieces, who try to downplay every bit of good news we get.

Oil and gas firm Denbury Resources’ plan to buy Encore Energy Partners was a bad idea. Stanley Works made an even worse move in buying Black & Decker. Last Friday’s reported GDP growth was rearview mirror. “Cash for Clunkers” boosted car sales, but don’t expect them to continue.

Cramer isn’t exactly waving pompoms about the markets and the economy either, but he can recognize the good things that are happening. Such as today’s pending-home-sales number or Ford’s strong quarter or the bump in orders at 3M , United Tech , BHP or Freeport-McMoRan . 

And don’t forget about retail, which was supposed to suffer a horrible back-to-school season – but didn’t. Business is on the upswing at Kohl’s , TJX Cos. , Costco and others, but the bears, of course, predict a bad holiday season anyway.

These are the same pundits – include the press in here, too, Cramer said – who disbelieved in the Dow’s climb to 10,000 from 6,500. And they applied the same poor attitude to bank and industrial earnings, as well as any macroeconomic data that pointed to a recovery. While Cramer would never endorse blind positivity, he does warn against blind negativity. It’s a sure way to miss great investing opportunities.

So what’s the bottom line?

“It is possible to be too skeptical,” Cramer said, “and the bears along with the media have taken skepticism of this market to the utmost extremes. Don’t be fooled – There are real positives out there.”

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