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Gov’t to Sell Its Citi Shares?

The government may soon exit the banking business, Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!. Well, at least one bank.

Citigroup could be a buy, the Mad Money host said, if the feds unload their 34% ownership stake in the firm. And he thinks it could happen very soon.

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“It just has that feel,” Cramer said. “It is so heavy it’s unbelievable.”

In retail, Cramer said, the story was all “Amazon, Amazon, Amazon.”

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

The online retail giant is the reason so many other stores are cutting prices and offering free shipping. Nordstrom was the latest to join the bandwagon, offering no-cost delivery for the holidays.

Although inventories are low, Cramer said, high-end retailers don’t want to get caught with any extra merchandise at all. That, along with competition from Amazon, is driving a lot of sales and discounts.

“I think that retail is not as depressed as we’d like to think,” Cramer said, because of those low inventory levels. “But I am surprised about the bargains.”

Sure, suppliers of apparel and other wares are probably “thrilled,” Cramer said, to have a new customer-friendly distribution channel in Nordstrom, but Amazon’s “game changer” of a shipping business poses a big threat to most of the industry.

“These bricks-and-mortar retailers are living in fear,” Cramer said of Amazon’s reach and power, “that they are about to have another leg down.”

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