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4 High Dividend Yielding Stocks: Portfolio Manager

Dividends can be a way for investors to effectively safeguard returns during volatile times. John Dorfman, portfolio manager of Dorfman Value Fund and chairman of Thunderstorm Capital, shared some of his best picks to “pay while you wait” for the next rally.

Betting on Dividend Stocks

“You can certainly get high 4-percent in some interesting stocks such as Merck and Overseas Shipholding Group —those are two of my favorites among my holdings,” Dorfman told CNBC.

Although companies like Overseas Shipholding are “not totally safe” because of pressure on tanker rates, it’s likely that “it’s going to be preserved,” said Dorfman.

As to stocks that offer more than 6 percent in dividend yields, Dorfman declared, “they come with some risk, but that doesn’t mean one should never do it."

“You can get 6 percent in Duke Energy , which is an interesting utility name," he said. "Again, the payout ratio is very high—but I suspect the economy will bail them out.”

Dorfman added that World Wrestling Entertainment is speculated to offer around 10 percent in dividends to investors.

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