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'DWI Chair' Up for Auction on eBay After La-Z-Boy Protests

With less than 15 hours to go on the auction for the “Motorized La-Z-Boy Chair,” eBay took it down after La-Z-Boy complainedabout its name being associated with a police auction, the Proctor Journal reported.


The chair was put up for auction by the Proctor, Minn., police department, which confiscated the chair after its owner was caught driving the illegal vehicle drunk and crashing it into a parked car. (Read the original post on the auction.)

Police seized the vehicle under Minnesota’s “forfeiture law,”which is now facing increased scrutiny. Apparently, he'd already had his driver's license revoked for a prior DWI.

A new auctionwas put up today. And, now that they’ve stripped the La-Z-Boy name out of it, it’s billed as simply a “DWI Chair, Motorized Chair, Racing Chair” — a nod to the owner’s love of racing and er, adult beverages.

(In a separate eBay auction of a picture of himself in the chair, former owner Dennis LeRoy Anderson says he once drove the chair to the BIR — the Brainerd International Racewayin Brainerd, Minn.)

Oh, and if you're wondering where the seat cushion is, the original owner of the chair is auctioning it off separately. Bidding is currently at $500. The Proctor Journal reports at the time the chair was confiscated, he told police he couldn't find it.

The current bid for the "DWI Chair" is around $2,500 — a fraction of the $43,500 the L_ _y B_y chair had reached.

Gentlemen … start your bids!

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