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Lights, Camera, Lipitor!

Maybe it's time for a career change.

I don't know where or how they found it, but "The In Vivo Blog"  came across a great little nugget today.

Pfizer , or one of its ad agencies, is apparently putting out a casting call for a new Lipitor pitchman. Call my agent!


In Vivo says the posting is calling for, among other things, 50-65-year-old men of all ethnicities who've been on Lipitor for at least six months and a fresh face.

I've been on 10 mg of Lipitor for several years. The problem is I'm not 50...yet. And, yeah, I'd have to give up my day job to become a drug pitchman. Although maybe Pfizer would lower the age requirement so it could tout the fact that CNBC's former pharmaceuticals reporter likes his Lipitor.

(My tongue is in my cheek.)

I also went off of the drug for awhile earlier this year when I had some chronic shoulder muscle pain, but after a several acupuncture treatments, it eventually went away and now I'm back on Lipitor.

Imagine the exposure. Lipitor commercials and print ads are ubiquitous. Pfizer has about two years left to hawk Lipitor before it goes generic. So, here's your chance at stardom. Just as long as they don't make you sing some silly song like "Viva Viagra!" and look happy about it.

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