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Mad Mail: Trading the iPhone in China

Hi Jim: I wanted to know your thoughts on Sinovac Biotech the Chinese biotech company. With the flu season upon us I continue to see SVA getting millions of orders every few weeks for the swine flu virus, yet the stock doesn’t seem to move. Is this stock too speculative, or do reports of low supplies on swine flu vaccines make this a buy? --Patrick

Cramer says: “I think it’s a little too speculative. However, I don’t want to miss this trend … I will send you to CVS, I will send you to Walgreens, and I’ll send you to Becton Dickinson. Those are all better plays on swine flu.”

Mad Mail


Hey Cramer!: Why are these financial writers and pundits so negative all the time? I own China Unicom and have been anticipating the release of Apple's iPhone in China. It finally came out and all I read anywhere is how "lackluster" the sales have been, yet when I see pictures out of China the lines are long and stores are crowded. What gives with these guys? Can't they ever find good in anything? –Chuck in Pennsylvania

Cramer says: “I have been buying CHU for my charitable trust … people are really, really making a mole hill out of a mountain here. I think Apple’s sales are going to be gigantic in China. I continue to like both CHU and Apple.”


Dear Cramer: Since the beginning of August I have noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average and some stocks have switched from seeing support at the 20-day moving average to support at the 50-day moving average. Is this a bearish sign for the economy? From a fundamental standpoint, why does the price of a stock even care if it touches these averages? Are the big money managers driving these rebounds off the averages? –Bill in California

Cramer says: “Big money managers tend to be technicians … I think you should completely discount this and focus on the fundamentals of the companies, not the 20-, 50- or 200-day moving average … I pay attention to [the charts], but I make my decisions based on my homework on the fundamentals, and so should you.”

Cramer's charitable trust owns China Unicom.

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