Market Tips: Yen Carry Trade Still Strong

Global stocks were down sharply Tuesday as investors continued to fret over the early removal of government stimulus, particularly in the financial sector. Experts told CNBC the yen remains the favorite among the carry trades.

Yen Preferred Currency

The yen remains the preferred funding currency to carry trade, says Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at the Bank of New York Mellon. He tells CNBC that that's the best measure of market risk and risk tolerance.

US Needs Organic Rally

In order for an "organic rally" to take place, U.S. equities have to go up without the benefit of the dollar going down, says Jack Bouroudjian, CEO of

Positive on Australia

Australia's growth in 2010 could outstrip that of the U.S., the EU and Japan, believes Thomas Byrne, senior VP, Asia-Middle East Sovereign at Moody's Sovereign Risk Group.

Countries Need to Grow to Get Out of Debt

Countries need to grow in order to get out of a debt problem, says Thomas Byrne, senior VP, Asia-Middle East Sovereign at Moody's Sovereign Risk Group.

Gold Being Rediscovered as a Monetary Asset

Gold is being rediscovered as a monetary asset, says Marcus Grubb, MD at the World Gold Council, which explains the strong gains seen recently in the precious metal's price. He reveals how best to gain exposure to gold, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth."

Buy Natural Gas

Natural gas is a buy, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix. He speaks to CNBC about the commodities market.

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

Bet on China's Infrastructure Plays

Bet on China's infrastructure and infrastructure-related capital goods space, suggests Jiong Shao, industrials analyst at Nomura.

HK Markets Seen Heading Higher

Vicks Poon, head of investment advisory at Fubon Bank sees the Hong Kong markets moving gradually higher towards the year-end and into the first-quarter of 2010.

Sweet Spot of Corporate Earnings Cycle

We may hitting the sweet spot of the corporate earnings cycle, says Andrew Pease, investment strategist at Russell Investment Group.