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Stock Picker: Buffett Will Target These Industries Next

How can you invest along the same principles as Warren Buffett? James Altucher, managing director of Formula Capital, shared his insights.

Buffett's Big Rail Deal

“You don’t want to chase the railroads or transportation stocks at this point—rather, we want to run where Buffett’s going than where he’s been,” Altucher told CNBC.

Altucher said Buffett’s latest new position is Becton Dickinson and he also added to Johnson & Johnson.

“Buffett is making a good long-term bet on the health care industry with the aging baby boomers,” said Altucher. “This is similar to the long-term bet he started making 3 years ago when he started buying shares of [Burlington Northern] . That took several years to play out and now it’s played out today. I think the next big industry for Buffett is health care.”

Last week, Berkshire Hathaway unloaded over one million more shares of Moody's after the agency's stock price rebounded to the mid-$20s. Altucher told investors to stay away from the firm.

“He’s lost interest in that—he got disenchanted with the whole ratings business and he’s betting on broad demographic trends,” he said. “He’s betting on stronger China, he’s betting on a weaker dollar with this BNI and next, he’s going to bet on health care.”

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