Best Cities to Find A Job

Where The Jobs Are

Looking for a job? These cities have them.

A new report from employment Web site, ranked the top metro areas with the most job postings on the site between January and October 2009. Click on to see where the jobs are and which industries are doing the hiring in each city.

Posted Nov. 5, 2009

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10. Hartford-New Haven, Conn.

Industries: Finance, insurance and high-tech manufacturing.

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9. Phoenix, Ariz.

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Industries: Health care and education.

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8. Indianapolis, Ind.

Industries: Life sciences and medical devices.

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7. Louisville, Ky.

Industries: Distribution and health care.

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6. Cincinnati, Ohio

Industries: Aerospace, chemistry, creative services and consumer goods.

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5. Philadelphia, Pa.

Photo Credit: AP

Industries: Biomedical and pharmaceutical.

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4. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Industries: Education, health care and energy.

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3. Baltimore, Md.

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Industries: Education, professional and business services and government.

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2. Washington, D.C.

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Industries: Defense, government, non-profits and law.

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1. Kansas City, Mo.-Kan.

Industries: Aviation, transportation and energy.

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