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Stocks For Cancer's Cure

Posted 6 Nov 2009

Cancer kills over a half million Americans a year. The disease has touched almost everyone, whether family, friend or someone else in our community who’s been diagnosed. But there are a number of companies on the frontlines of treatment, fighting to find a cure for or, in the very least, extend the lives of those who suffer from cancer.

As much as the work is noble, cancer drugs are big business. And the stocks of these firms, Cramer says, can be very attractive investment opportunities. Not only do they offer the potential for tremendous growth as new treatments are approved and multiple indications – industry jargon for a drug’s ability to treat more than one kind of cancer – are found, they’re also so-called safety stocks, meaning they work during the kinds of downturns we’ve seen over the past two years.

So who are the best? Cramer did the research and found eight stocks that lead the pack. Read on to get his top picks.