Can't Find a Job in Your Town? Here Are the Best Places to Look

If a job search at your current city is going nowhere, you might want to give Kansas City or Washington, D.C. a try: they’re just two of the cities with the most job listings, according to a new study.


The report, released by employment Web site, ranked the top metro areas with the most job postings on the site between January and October 2009.

“The cities that are more economically diverse and have a variety of industries” have the most jobs available, said spokesperson Jennifer Grasz.

The Kansas City metro area, for example, which made the top of the list, is home to a diverse group of industries like aviation, transportation and energy that are hiring workers.

Washington D.C., which came in second on the list, has been generating jobs in the defense, government, law and non-profit sectors. Baltimore, Md. benefited from its proximity to the nations’ capital, showing an increase in the number of government, education and professional and business services jobs available.

Rounding out the top five were the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas metro area, which showed job growth in the education, health care and energy-related areas, and Philadelphia with a growing biomedical and pharmaceutical field.

Besides cities, certain sectors have shown an increase in jobs postings too.

Grasz says that employers are “looking at investing in the areas that impact revenue first.” As a result, they’re starting to hire sales people and technology positions first because sales bring in the money and technology can “drive new products,” said Grasz.

Besides those two sectors, health care, education and the customer service sector have been producing jobs steadily since the beginning of this year, according to

The health care industry posted an average of 90,000 nationwide jobs each month since January 2009. Education has seen a 19 percent increase in job postings since January while the customer service sector has seen a 15 percent increase in job postings on the site.