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The Yankees and Dow 10,000

Friday Market Trivia Question

With yesterday’s close above 10,000 once again, what has happened more – a) the number of times the Dow has crossed 10,000 to close above that threshold or b) the number of times the Yankees have won the World Series?

(Answer is at the end of the post.)

No "Happy Friday" for Stocks

Stocks opened weaker this morning as the 10.2% October unemployment rate put a damper on yesterday’s rally but have rallied back are now positive for the day.

Finishing the week on a down note isn’t anything new for the markets of late. If today’s early losses hold at the close this afternoon, the Dow will be down for six of the last seven Fridays. Furthermore, the Dow has been down for four Fridays in a row, something it hasn’t done since October 2008.

Friday Market Trivia Answer

The answer is A, the Dow.

A – 29 times
The Dow first closed above 10,000 back on March 1999. Since then, it has crossed over and closed above the 10,000 level on 28 other occasions (it has done so four times in the last one month).

B – 27 times
The Yankees, who will be parading up Broadway today (right around the corner from the NYSE), are celebrating their 27th World Championship.
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