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Tommy Lee, Medical Tourism and Nasty Santa, Your Emails

Already getting some emails about my interview with Tommy Lee , as the rocker discussed his experiment to make a record with the world.

From Perk: "Is Tommy Lee: A) stupid? B) Whacked On Drugs? C) Mismanaged? Where has he been for the last three years? Does he tweet? Face book, my space, 2nd Life... Ad nauseam? For 2010 he needs these 'contributors' to upload videos of themselves 'performing'. He can then edit these videos together for a cool rock video background. Duh..."

Gary L: "I'm sorry to say it, but Tommy has come up with an idea almost as bad as the RockStar show he performed on." (Note from Jane: I LOVED Rock Star, watched it both seasons...sigh.)

Jeff J: "You rock. Retail is more personalized with branding + celebrity / designer starlets (Fake Jane merchandise next year please!) and our personal touches. Tommy's onto something here...I grew up with classical and jazz. Jazz is *entirely* personal (same song, way different performances), whereas in classical the composer / work often matter more than the performer (more Don Giovanni or Carmina Burana, less the orchestra?). Will personalized stuff work here too?"

And this cartoon courtesy Doug Pike:

Speaking of music, Bill Zucker, who wrote the now-famous Tarp Song , has now come out with a new Twitter song . If you're a twitter-holic like I am, you can relate to the sentiment Zucker's expresses when he sings, "Please take me back to the days I was only on crack." (Warning, I would rate this thing PG, not for the little ones). Nice cameo by Scott Baio. ?

On the blog about the MIT grad-turned-artist who's created the Happiness Hat , Neeraj S. was not impressed: "That's the talent we are getting from Ivy Leagues. Either they are crooks, morons or majoring in minor things..." ?

Andrew R. wrote in about the McCourt divorce court : "And here we are complaining about Wall Street bank execs get paid. Next thing you know, Frank will start losing the court case and need a bail out. Only in LA!" ?

I received quite a lot of interest in the Medical Tourism series we did.

Michael C. wrote in about claims that one reason procedures cost 50% less overseas is lower malpractice rates: "I found this answer hard to believe in light of the recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that concluded that limiting malpractice liability would reduce total national health care spending by about one-half of 1 percent..."

From Ken J.: "Are lawyers as unprincipled as investment bankers in their quest to take other peoples money? Please check out the Reuters article on medical tourism ."  ?

Stephen P. wrote in about the blog on how things are getting stranger in a strange land in California: "Dear Jane, Where I come from we call California the land of fruits and nuts!"

Finally, a few unhappy emails from people who did not care for a blog about a sculpture of Santa Claus holding a sex toy:

Matthew G. is a high school teacher who makes an excellent point (and I apologize to him for putting him in an awkward position): "We often use your Web site for our finance...If you continue to put offensive material on your Web Pages, I will be forced to block your Web site from our students. This would be a shame, as you often provide valuable information. Additionally, how is 'Nasty Santa' business news? Perhaps I will have to switch to Fox Business."

From Scott C.: "Why would you even report on this? Have you no integrity you ratings seeking desperate media publication?"

And from John S. "As a former denizen of and refugee from Greenwich, I cannot think of a more appropriate place to display this masterpiece!"

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