Market Tips: Gold Price May Still Go Up

Global stocks rose and the dollar fell on Monday after the Group of 20 pledged to keep stimulus in place until recovery was assured. But experts told CNBC gold is still king and the dollar will be on the defensive as more investors look towards currencies such as the Australian dollar.

Upside for Gold

There is more upside to gold, says Peter McGuire, managing director of CWA Global Markets.

How to Invest in a Weak Growth Environment

The pace of the U.S. economic recovery may be a much more subdued and prolonged process than initially thought, says Matthew Hegarty, senior equities analyst at Global Value Investors. He tells CNBC how he is investing in light of this.

Key to Sustaining Market Euphoria

The key to sustaining the market euphoria is revenue growth, as opposed to margin growth, says Stephen Davies, CEO of Javelin Wealth Management.

Dollar Under Pressure

The momentum is still with risk appetite and the dollar will remain under pressure into the new year, says Sean Callow, senior currency strategist at Westpac Bank.

Dollar on the Defensive?

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

The dollar is going to be on the defensive, particularly against the high-yielding currencies, believes John Noonan, senior FX analyst at Thomson Reuters.

Aussie-Dollar May Reach Parity by Spring

The Aussie dollar will definitely reach parity with the greenback sometime next spring, predicts Claudio Piron, head of Asia FX research at JPMorgan.

Bullish on Aussie Resources & Banks

Major resource companies and banks are sector picks for Glenn Rosewall, CEO and managing director of BBY.