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Top 10 Stocks for Obamacare

This weekend, the US House of Representatives passed its version of health care reform and now awaits a version from the Senate.  The debate has been heating up since earlier this summer when President Obama was pushing for legislation before the summer recess. 

Since the start of June, the S&P 500 Health Care sector is up over 13%.  The sector is also up  just under 10% for the year, and has been lagging the overall S&P as investors have been waiting to see how the reform story unfolds.  Nonetheless, there have been some health care stocks that have surged over the past 6 months.  Top amongst them is the health care technology company, IMS Health , up 73% since June 1 and up 38% on the year.  Biotechs seem to have fared worst since the summer, taking half of the bottom 8 spots.  Biotechs are also the worst performing healthcare subindustry on the year.

Here are the biggest S&P Health Care gainers and losers over while the debate has waged on.

Top 10 S&P 500 Health Care Stocks Since June 1

Bottom 10 S&P 500 Health Care Stocks Since June 1

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