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Mad Mail: Play GameStop Into the Holidays?

Hey Jim: Booyah from Madison, Wisconsin! I've got some shares of GameStop because I'm expecting holiday sales to be way up, especially with the release of Modern Warfare 2 on November 11th. However, the stock's been sinking for the past two weeks and I'm down almost 8%. Should I sell what I have, hold it, or buy more? Thanks for reading my question! --Alex

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Cramer says: “I’ve got to be honest, I have hated this stock for a long time. We don’t have any big video cycles. There’s no new Rock Band. There’s no Guitar Hero. There is absolutely nothing that is in the pipe. Maybe Grand Theft [Auto], that could be the next one. But that’s still many quarters away. You don’t have a winner.”


Jim: Booyah from the Big Easy! I want to get your opinion on my theory of why the retail sales numbers are bogus. While out on a shopping trip, I noticed a lot of Christmas shoppers out (quite early for the holiday shopping season). I think this is a direct result of some of the sales that major retailers have going right now. My opinion is retailers are pulling customers forward from the holiday season and as a result will report less than stunning holiday numbers in the months to come. Do you agree with my theory? --Jamie

Cramer says: “You are completely and utterly, flat out wrong. There has rarely if ever been such a shortage of inventory going into Christmas … everybody’s lean because they thought the recession would continue. It’s going to be a bountiful holiday season for every retailer. We’re going to get retail sales numbers in a few days. The bears are going to be all over them, and then you pounce.”

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