Funny Business with Jane Wells

Clowning Around At Work

These days in the job world, beggars can't be choosers.

Young Employees

What a wake up call the unemployment rate must be for a generation of young adults raised on the premise that everyone's a winner.

For those of you in HR charged with hiring from a workforce of Americans whose parents never told them they were stupid for some boneheaded move—they just made "poor choices"—you can appreciate new survey results from CareerBuilder .

The job Web site asked nearly 3,000 hiring managers for the most unusual requests they've received from employees. ?

I've divided them into three groups.

In the strangely practical department there were requests to: ?

-Allow people to change clothes in their cubicles.
-A special smoking section for medical marijuana.
-Replace a desk with a futon so employees can lay down while working. ?

In the "Let's make the office fun" department, there were requests to:

-Put beer in the vending machine.
-Add a tanning bed to the break room.
-Institute Bikini Fridays (note from Jane: this should require guidelines on who should wear bikinis and who should not).
-Install a swimming pool for employees.
-Have a team meeting in Hawaii.

But my favorite requests come from employees I'd describe as, "I'm obviously crazy, but good luck firing me":

- A request to only work during daylight hours from an employee who was scared of the dark.
- A request that jail time be covered under family medical leave.
- A request that the HR person wear nicer shoes.
- Finally, a request for time off to pursue side business as a clown.

Ok, so I wished I'd thought of the beer in the vending machine.

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