By the Numbers

Financials Lead Dow to Strong November Start

The S&P 500 snapped a 6-day winning streak with an ever-so-slight 0.07 point decline yesterday. However, rising 5.5% during the period, the run-up was the best such streak for the big-cap index since March 2003. Returning to the green today, the S&P is now up 7 of the first 8 trading days this month.

Despite the end of the S&P’s streak yesterday, the Dow Industrials is currently putting together a nice string of gains of its own. With today’s move up, the Dow is on pace to be up 6 straight days, having fallen only once this month so far too. If the Dow’s current gains hold today at the close (up over 5% over last 6 days), this will be the strongest rally for the Dow since the beginning of the summer rally in July.

Top 5 Dow Components November-to-Date: Financials Propelling Dow

  • American Express +15% MTD
  • Bank of America   +12% MTD
  • General Electric +11% MTD
  • United Technologies +9% MTD
  • Travelers +9% MTD

Bottom 5 Dow Components November-to-Date: Defensive & Energy Stocks Lag in Dow This Month

  • Kraft -2% MTD
  • Exxon Mobil +1% MTD
  • Chevron +2% MTD
  • Verizon +2% MTD
  • AT&T +2% MTD

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