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How To Play China's 'Amazing' Run: Analysts

China is in the midst of a bull market and strong economic growth. Numbers released Wednesday show China has 16.1 percent growth in industrial production. The Shanghai composite is up 72 percent over the past year.

But can the run roll on and is China a good place for investors? Jim Oberweis, editor of the Oberweis report and Peter Navarro, author and business professor at the University of California at Irvine gave their take to CNBC on Wednesday. (Watch video for full interview)

"I think there's clearly a growth track in China," said Oberweis, who recently returned from a trip to China. "People on the street there are much more optimistic than you find in New York City."

China Plays

"China did a much better job than the US or Europe in getting their fiscal stimulus out early and more targeted and that's why their rolling," said Navarro. "The issue is really if there's an asset bubble within the country and whether the whole thing is going to collapse."

As for finding good Chinese companies to invest in, Oberweis said it's the same anywhere in the world. "You look for companies that have differentiated product sets that are able to grow even faster than the market overall. You need to find companies that will grow even if the economy doesn't provide a tailwind."

"A good and easier way to play China is the FXI, and exchange traded fund that's like the Dow here in the US. It's near its 52 week high now," said Navarro. Another way, said Navarro is the ETF Wisdom Tree Dreyfus China Yuan (CYB). Navarro said that's because the yuan will probably have to de-couple from the dollar.

"China is like the only success story in the global economy," said Navarro. "It's like the locomotive pulling the globe, what the US used to be. How it goes the rest of the world may go."

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Navarro personally owns ETF Wisdom Tree Dreyfus China Yuan (CYB).