There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

The Bra That Doubles as a Putting Green

It’s hard to stand out in this economy but one Japanese lingerie maker has managed to do just that: It created a bra that also doubles as a putting green.

Reiko Aoyama, the campaign girl for Japan's lingerie maker Triumph International Japan, wears a 'make-the-putt bra'.
Yoshikazu Tsono | Getty Images

Here’s how it works: If you unfurl the corset-like bra, it’s a five-foot putting mat with two holes — yep, exactly where you think they’d be. A built-in speaker will pipe “Nice shot!”if you make it in, Japan Today reports.

It comes with a skirt that doubles as a flag for the course that says “Quiet, please” across the back, to ensure some shred of civility is kept on this titillating course.

Hey, just because you’ve unfurled the garment for other purposes, doesn’t mean you can act like an animal!

This isn’t the first gimmicky garment from lingerie maker Triumph. If you read The Lingerie Post, like I do, you’d know that they’ve already done the solar-powered bra, the shopping-bag braand the marriage-hunting bra.


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