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Cramer: Investors, Don’t Do This

Cramer during Thursday’s Stop Trading! had a message for investors:

“Before you ever make a move on a stock,” he said, “at least wait until you hear the pre-recorded conference call.”

The Mad Money host was referring to Walmart’s quick decline immediately after reporting what he described as a “perfect” quarter. If the move was caused by regular investors, and not hedge funds hoping to generate negative headlines, Cramer said, “It’s embarrassing.” People were incorrectly trading the world’s biggest retailer because they refused to listen to the conference call.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

“It was a great buy,” Cramer said of Walmart.

Women’s importance to the economy was also discussed today. According to Babson College research, Ernst & Young Chairman and CEO Jim Turley told Cramer and Erin Burnett, 6 million jobs would be created in five years if female entrepreneurs received the same access and support as men. Turley, whose firm was hosting its Strategic Growth Forum this week, pointed out that businesswomen lack the capital, wide professional network and mentors that their male counterparts have.

Also, while discrimination certainly plays a role in the US, Turley said the problem is less severe than in other countries. And women’s bigger role here pays dividends in the economy.

“The more woman are empowered, the more they’re in the business community,” Turley said, “the better GDP growth is. We’ve seen that all around the globe.”

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