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Mad Mail: Does the iPhone Still Have a Chance in China?

Hi Jim: I bought China Unicom based on them selling the iPhone in China. From what I am reading, the initial sales have been very disappointing. I read that the problem seems to be that iPhones are readily available on the gray market and CHU does not have a Wi-Fi service. What do you think? Does it pay to hold onto this? --Michael in Pennsylvania

Cramer says: “I’ve done a lot of research on this. There are a bunch of phone companies in China. CHU is so far ahead of them technologically I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Remember, the [Apple] iPhone, they priced it too high in America. They cut the price, the sales exploded. They’re going to do the same thing in China.”


Mad Mail

Dear Jim: Per your advice the other day, I want to sell Kraft Foods. I have a sell order of less than 50 cents above the market price at this moment. Do you think this is good? I don't want to keep it, but it would be nice to squeeze a little more out of it. --Skip

Cramer says: “It would be nice to squeeze a little more out of it, but how about if it goes down? Listen to me on this: Kraft’s not a good stock. The CEO’s not doing a good job. 50 cents? Uh-uh. I want you to sell the stock – sell it Monday.”


Mr. Cramer: An 85-degree, South Florida Booyah to you. Can Walgreen still go higher? I took part of my investment off the table at just over $40 a share. I'm considering selling the rest of my position, but with WAG distributing the H1N1 vaccine, I'm wondering if it can still go higher. Thanks for the great advice, so far I'm up 32% year-to-date and I hope you help me continue my streak! --Fam

Cramer says: “Walgreen’s had a big run. It’s still inexpensive. It’s still doing a better job than CVS. My advice is to sell half and let the rest run. Walgreen’s a good situation. I can’t call it at these prices a great situation.”

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