Funny Business with Jane Wells

What Were The Northwest Pilots Really Doing?

From "Balloon Boy" hoaxes to beauty queens who make their own sex tapes, we are a nation of goofballs. So much funny business—like two experienced pilots who miss their destinationand don't realize they're out of contact with controllers for over an hour...because they were trying to figure out the new scheduling program.

I had no idea that learning how to lock in days off could be so engrossing.

But maybe that's not all they were doing up there at 30,000 feet.

In a spoof of the '60s classic, "Leavin' on a Jet Plane," there is now a YouTube parody called "Tweetin' on a Jet Plane."

In the video, the captain of Northwest flight 188 is doing everything BUT flying the plane. He's too busy playing with every personal electronics gadget one man can own, while singing, "So poke me and chat with me. I'm pirating a dvd."

When it dawns on him that he's screwed up, he hits the chorus, "I'm tweetin on a jet plane. The one I should be piloting. OMG I gotta go..."

As a friend of mine who captains a 747 for another airline told me, "Admitting sleeping would have been a better course of action."

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