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Want a 1,293% Gain?

Cramer is bullish on natural gas for a host of reasons, not the least of which is its ability to help fight climate change. This potential bridge fuel emits 30% less carbon dioxide than oil and 40% less than coal. And the US is sitting on a tremendous amount of the commodity. So we could conceivably kick our addiction to foreign oil if we made nat gas a priority.

Bridging the Gap?

But even then there’s another reason why Cramer can’t stop talking about this industry:

The stocks have been moneymakers.

Take Apache , for instance. APA, which is just 50% nat gas, has ramped 51% over the past three years, while the S&P 500 has lost 21%. Those gains jump to 84% over the last five years, compared to the S&P’s 6% decline. And over the past decade, the stock has returned 542%, though the S&P has fallen 20%. Want to go back 20 years? Apache has soared 1,293%, much better than the benchmark index’s 219% increase.

This trajectory could hold, especially if Washington adopts natural gas as a bridge fuel. But even without a political blessing, Cramer still likes the stock. He brought CEO Steven Farris onto Mad Money to give investors an update, on both the company and the future of nat gas. Watch the full interview here.

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