Market Tips: Everyone's Talking About Year-End Rally

Global stocks and commodities rebounded on Wednesday, with gold rising to a fresh high near $1,150 an ounce. Experts told CNBC stocks are likely to rally through until the end of the year.

Markets Will Likely Stage Year-End Rally

Expect a year-end rally in markets, says Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix. He tells CNBC that the November-to-January period are the strongest months for investors.

Diversify and Invest Globally

Investors must diversify and invest globally, says Michael Hasenstab, co-director and portfolio manager at Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group. He sheds light on how a portfolio can benefit from a higher interest rate environment on "Protect Your Wealth".

Bullish on European Equities

Expect a 10%-15% upside in European stocks in the next quarter, says Graham Secker, European equity strategist at Morgan Stanley.

Increase Exposure in Emerging Equities

Indian markets remain fairly valued even as they trade at the high end of the historical range, says Rahul Chadha, head of India equities at Mirae Asset Global Investments. He tells CNBC that long-term investors who missed the emerging markets rally should increase their exposure.

Overweight Australia

David Bassanese, founder of PennyWise Investments tells CNBC that he is overweight on Australia.

HK Sentiment Remains Positive

With a few big IPOs coming to the market, Alex Wong, director of Asset Management at Ample Capital, tells CNBC that the sentiment remains positive for the Hong Kong market.

More Upside to Gold

Hugh Latimer, director at Aurora Funds Management, believes gold has more upside due to supply- and demand-side constraints.

Growth Is in Emerging Markets

The growth story is in emerging markets, says Sandeep Malhotra, head of global investment strategies at Clariden Leu. He also tells CNBC why he thinks the dollar will continue to erode.

Short Treasurys

Short Treasurys, advises Karl Eggerss, chief trader at He also speaks to CNBC about the rising inflation expectations.

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Correction in Gold & Oil Likely

Expect a correction in both oil and gold, says Mat Kaleel, chief investment officer at H3 Global Advisors.

Buy Banks but Stay Clear of Property

Buy banks but be wary of property stocks as it is a volatile sector, says Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix.

Dollar to Enter a Different Phase

The dollar is likely to enter a different phase, with the greenback poised to appreciate against the yen or euro, but slip versus some emerging market currencies, says Michael Hasenstab, co-director and portfolio manager at Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group.

Charting Euro-Dollar

The dollar could see some short-term strength, says Ed Ponsi, president of, as he charts the euro-dollar pair.

Yen is a 'Complicated Currency'

The yen is a complicated currency, heavily impacted by what Japanese insurance companies think about its level, says Adrian Foster, Asia Pacific head of financial markets research at Rabobank. He tells CNBC that the dollar is range-bound for the next few weeks to come.

Aussie to See Highs in Early 2010

Expect lows for the dollar by mid-year and new highs for Aussie in the early part of 2010, says Ray Attrill, global head of research at Forecast Australia.

Yuan Likely to Appreciate in 2010

China will likely allow the yuan to appreciate by 5%-6% in 2010, predicts Mitul Kotecha, head of global FX strategy at Calyon Hong Kong.