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3 Stock Picks for This Volatile Environment: Portfolio Manager

Where can investors find some value in this volatile market? Ron Sloan, senior portfolio manager at AIM Capital Management and manager of the AIM Mid-Cap Core Fund, shared his insight and stock picks.

Finding Value Amid Volatility

Sloan said we’ve had an "'old normal' rally in a 'new normal' world.”

“When we get into tough economic times and the Fed pumps liquidity into the system, normally that liquidity went right to the banks and out into Main Street,” he explained on CNBC.

“An old-normal rally recognizes that, and it immediately starts bouncing those more compromised, marginal-smaller, more leveraged businesses because they’re going to be saved again."

"This time, the liquidity has hit the bank’s balance sheets and has stuck, which is the new normal reality," he said. "But we’ve had this old normal reaction that the liquidity is going to go through. So we have to reconcile the old normal rally and the new normal world.”

According to Sloan, small cap stocks are expected to lead the correction and will give back what they’ve gained.

Sloan’s Stock Picks:

Thermo Fisher


CVS Caremark  

Scorecard — How Sloan's Previous Picks Did:

H&R Block now up more than 15 percent

Hasbro now up more than 10 percent

Comcast now down more than 9 percent

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