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Steffanie Marchese

The new season of "AMERICAN GREED" begins on Wednesday, January 27th.

The show will air on Wednesdays at 9PM, 10PM and 1AM.

Wednesday Jan 27 - American Greed #25

Suicide is Painless: Fugitive fund manager, Sam Israel fakes his own death to escape justice

Wednesday Feb 3 - American Greed #26

The Black Widows: Women befriend, insure, then murder men for money.

Wednesday Feb 10 - American Greed #27

"The Mad Max of Wall Street": Short seller makes millions in trading scam using government secrets

Wednesday Mar 3 - American Greed #28

Raffaello Follieri: Millionaire playboy & girlfriend of a Hollywood starlet scams investors with a phony connection to the Pope

Wednesday Mar 10 - American Greed #29

Marcus Schrenker: High-flying financier fakes death in a plane crash while under investigation for securities fraud

Wednesday Mar 17 - American Greed #30

Sholam Weiss: Former Rabbi steals millions from an insurance company

Wednesday Mar 24 - American Greed #31

Funny Money: Six small time hustlers have a simple plan: to make millions in counterfeit money

Wednesday Mar 31 - American Greed #32

Painful lessons: Failed wonder drug for pain leads to historic $1.1 billion settlement Flipping Frenzy Scam: Real estate scam dupes investors out of millions

Wednesday Apr 7 - American Greed #33

Kirk Wright: Financial advisor to pro sports stars' multi million dollar scam ends in death Sexual Performance Pill: Erectile dysfunction drug scams consumers

Wednesday Apr 14 - American Greed #34

KY Fen Phen attorneys: Money for victims stolen by lawyers

Wednesday Apr 21 - American Greed #35

Girls Gone Wild: Soft porn mogul, Joe Francis, and his tax evasion case C&D Distributors: Pentagon Scammed out of millions in unbelievable scheme

Wednesday Apr 28 - American Greed #36

Cybercrime: Billions in danger online and what investigators are doing to protect you

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