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Mad Money: Mad Mail: Buy RIM or Apple?

Cramer started Thursday’s Mad Mail segment by urging anyone who bought the Fortinet IPO to take profits.

Hey, Booyah Jim!: I guess an analyst at Bank Of America downgraded Intel. It seems like it's selling off irrationally. It had a great quarter and I, like you, love the stock. Thoughts? Thanks so much! —Ted in Connecticut

Cramer says: “I’m a buy, buy, buyer of Intel, not a seller. I think the analyst was just making a splash. No one ever got hurt taking a profit, though.”

Cramer's Mad Mail


Jim: Your enthusiasm for natural gas makes a lot of sense to me. However, Scientific American magazine recently reported on radioactive wastewater from Marcellus Shale drilling caused by radium. Do the potential environmental ramifications make drilling for natural gas less attractive here? —David

Cramer says: “I’m going to point you to Murray Gerber, the CEO of EQT, who told the truth about the real problems. And I’m also going to send you to Governor Ed Rendell [of Pennsylvania], who said point blank that we don’t have those kinds of problems. It is just wrong to worry about that.”


Jim: What is going on with Research In Motion? I just don't get the price action. Its price-to-earnings ratio is lower than Target's , even though RIMM is really growing. I understand that it is losing some market share, but the stock is down over 50% from its 2007 high. At the same time smart phones are growing rapidly, and a smaller slice of a bigger pie is still a bigger slice! Is it still a screaming buy? —Scott in New Jersey

Cramer says: “No, I have not said it’s a screaming buy. I have said that the pecking order is I like Apple more and then I like RIMM … RIMM is selling at 14 times earnings. That’s too cheap. But you need a catalyst. I don’t see a catalyst … let’s buy some Apple down $5. Might be down a little more tomorrow, but Apple is the better play.”

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