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3 Growth Opportunities in Tech: Analyst


Dell reported earnings results that were worse than last year and also fell short of Wall Street expectations, punishing the company's shares. Brian Marshall, senior analyst at Broadpoint AmTech shared his analysis and insight on the firm.

“We think it’s a Dell specific problem,” Marshall told CNBC. “When you look at the broader large enterprise infrastructure names, trends are very positive. They started to pick up about 6 months ago and we expect very solid trends to continue over the next few years.”

Marshall said Dell has been facing some trouble over the past several years.

Dell: PC Sales Picking Up

“They’re going through a large acquisition right now, adding about 25 to 26,000 new employees and specifically, people were waiting to buy PCs that are loaded with [Microsoft] Windows 7 ,” he said. “So there was a lagged factor as well.”

Marshall said there have been some big tech upgrades and advised investors to look into the enterprise storage names such as EMC, NetApp and Brocade.

“That’s one of the most interesting secular growth opportunities over the next coming quarters and years,” he said of the companies.

Brocade is expected to report earnings next week and Marshall said he has a $11 price target on the company.

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