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Cramer: Your Thanksgiving Week Game Plan

Thanksgiving week offers investors only four trading sessions, Cramer said during Friday’s Mad Money, but there are still plenty of ways to potentially make money. Read on for his list of stocks to watch.

Hewlett-Packard : There are stocks that ramp straight into an earnings report and then sell off – no matter how good the quarter. HPQ is one such stock, Cramer said. Like most people on Wall Street, Cramer expects CEO Mark Hurd to deliver a strong number on Monday night, but just as likely is a sell-off in Hewlett Tuesday morning. Cramer, who called HPQ “one of my favorite technology stocks,” recommended that investors buy the dip.

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Game Plan

J. Crew Group : Cramer expects much the same kind of action in JCG next week. The stock will run right up until Tuesday evening’ earnings report, and then shareholders will unload their positions on Wednesday morning. Use that decline to buy “one of the ultimate retailers,” he said, going into the holiday season.

Deere : A bull market in agriculture seems to be taking off, Cramer said, and he likes Deere as a trade on it. The company reports Wednesday. He recommended buying half a position on Tuesday, just in case there’s a glitch in the quarter, and then adding on the other half after the release.

Heinz : Heinz’s big overseas business makes it “the ultimate weak-dollar stock,” Cramer said, and he thinks the ailing greenback will do wonders for the company’s earnings when it reports on Tuesday morning. Buy HNZ around $42, he said, and watch for a pop after the quarter. At least one of the 11 analysts with a “hold” rating on this stock could upgrade, and that would push the share price higher.

Frontline : Oil-tanker company Frontline reports on Friday, but don’t rush to buy it ahead of the quarter. These shipping stocks are up big since Cramer’s recommendation this week, so investors should listen to the conference call to make sure the trend will continue. Frontline could disagree with the Mad Money host’s bullish outlook or cut its dividend. You don’t want to own FRO if that’s the case.

WellPoint : The Senate will likely pass health-care legislation over the weekend, possibly resulting in negative headlines for the group next week. Regardless, health-care reform by now has been defanged, Cramer said, so the related companies should escape the hit that most on Wall Street expected them to take. If the group declines as a result of those headlines, buy WellPoint, Cramer’s favorite HMO. 

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