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Time Lapse World Series Is A Great Play

If you want a good look at the future of sports journalism, click on this link and watch this incredible World Series time lapse through the lenses of 26-year-old photographer Robert Caplin.

The project involved shooting for about nine hours during Game Six with three Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras. Caplin edited down the 12,000 images with his girlfriend Laia Prats into the short piece, which ended up running at 24 frames per second. He then matched it to Chopin’s Waltz No. 5.

Although Caplin originally did this as a personal project, he said he managed to license this work to Major League Baseball, which he says is including it in their World Series video.

Since graduating from Ohio University, Caplin said he has had made a living as a freelance photographer, getting paid to shoot everything from celebrity portraits to general news and documentary.

“I just wanted to do something out of the ordinary, that I thought could turn heads,” Caplin said. “The best of the best are at the World Series shooting game action shots that you end up seeing everywhere.”

The World Series time lapse he said has been good for business because unlike work for a client, it could be more public. It has so far been viewed more 13,000 times.

“This will do more in terms of PR for me than what I could ultimately make from it, thanks to it being passed around on Twitter and Facebook and the blogs,” Caplin said.

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