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Twilight, Inc., A Worldwide Craze

Vampires are the new black. They're cool, mysterious, appealing to all ages, and they (figuratively speaking) turn everything they touch into solid gold. Vampire-chic hit the mainstream when "Twilight" came out last year.


Now the sequel, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is expected to far surpass the first movie.

It opens in 4,000-plus theaters Friday, and it's already the top advance ticket seller of all time on Fandango and That means it's outsold "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," and "The Dark Knight."

International midnight screenings of "New Moon" have been huge; In Australia the movie grossed an estimated $1.6 million. And in its first day in theaters just in Spain and in Italy, the movie grossed nearly $5 million.

"New Moon" is on track to bring in some $100 million at the U.S. box office this weekend, and to surpass the impressive performance of the first film in the series. "Twilight," which grossed $384 million worldwide and is the year's #1 DVD, selling 8 million units in North America alone.

Summit Entertainment, the independent studio behind the movies will also cash in on Thursday, when it re-releases the original film in 2,000 theaters. That's sure to build excitement, while generating another box office boost in the process.

Needless to say the Twilight series is *great* for theater chains like Regal Entertainment and Cinemark. It should also give a boost to Hachette's Little, Brown, which publishes the series, as well as with its 'Twilight Store'and Barnes and Noble, which sell the book series and has dedicated merchandise sections in its stores and on its Web site complete with trivia games and interviews.

And they're not alone.

Here are some of the companies that are jumping on the Twilight bandwagon hoping to get a 'bite' of this phenomenon.

Check them out - then check out the movie trailer.


AT&T brings New Moon Mobile

AT&T raises its cool factor by giving its subscribers special access to Twilight content.


The telecom company is partnering with Summit Entertainment to create New Moon ringtones, wallpaper, mobile games, and contests.

If AT&T customers text NEWMOON to a certain short code they can access additional content.

Burger King

Vampires would like a big, juicy burger, right?


Burger King is offering a "New Moon" fan pack promotion where customers who buy a "Burger Shots" value meal get trading card collectibles and other memorabilia.

The burger retailer is also selling collectible water bottles and B.K. Crown Cards.

Volvo goes Vampire

Edward, the protagonist vampire, drives a Volvo — a S60R — so the carmaker is wisely tapping into that exposure.


The carmaker is featuring the connection in a pair of promos, one of which features the content Volvo is holding to give away the car Edward drives in "New Moon."

Volvo's looking to appeal to Twilight fans on the older end of the spectrum.

You can check out one of the ads here.


Hot Topic's New Moon Merch

Hot Topic's customer base are the very teen girls who line up to be first to see "New Moon."


Vampire and blood-themed gear are hip, edgy, and should be very popular for the retailer .

Nordstrom's New Moon

Hot Topic doesn't have a monopoly on the Cullens' cool. Nordstrom is selling styles "inspired" by "New Moon."


Some of the designs are pretty subtle, with plenty of inside jokes for Twilight fans, which should make the T-shirts and jewelry even more appealing.

Oh, and Nordstrom even sells life size cutouts of the two male leads.

For $33 a pop, look out for them in the bedrooms of teenage girls everywhere.

Toys R Twilight

Kids of all ages are being wooed by the chain store with toys, gadgets and more.


Toys R Us is featuring a full range of Twilight merchandise on a special focused Web site and is hosting a sweepstakes with seven prizes, including wardrobe from the movie set.


MySpace Makes Nice with Edward

MySpace, is partnering with the filmmaker Summit for a range of promotions for the film.


It allows the social network's users to customize their web browsers background with one of four Twilight-themed looks.

MySpace hosted a live webcast of the premiere's red carpet that attracted nearly 3 million viewers.

Now that you've seen the merchandise, check out the movie trailer.