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Buffett's Wealth and Fame Hasn't Helped 'Warren' As a Name

Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett may be the world's most beloved investor, but his fame and wealth haven't made the first name 'Warren' any more popular with parents around the United States over the past few decades.

This morning's USA Today suggests 'Warren' may be going extinct.  The paper looks at the name's popularity in a sidebar to an article on how a lot of the Fortune 1000 CEOs have "common" names. 

Data that I retrieved from the Social Security Administration's shows a spike for 'Warren' in 1921, when it was the nation's 24th most popular name for baby boys.  It's never had a higher rank.

When Buffett was born nine years later in 1930, the name 'Warren' had fallen to the 96th most popular name for boys.  Its been almost entirely downhill since then.

In the year 2008, 'Warren' ranked #509 with just 0.0246% of baby boys getting the name.  That's just behind 'Trace' at #508 and right before 'Jeffery' at #510.  (The more conventionally spelled 'Jeffrey' was #198.)

One small sign of hope: 'Warren' is slightly off its all-time low of #551 in 2005.

Are any soon-to-be new parents out there ready to step up?

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