Carbon Challenge

CA "More Profitable" After Saving Energy: CEO

By Lori Spechler,|CNBC Sr. Editor

One of the world’s largest IT management software companies, CA is focused on the carbon challenge and how big business is turning a potential regulatory burden into a moneymaking opportunity.

Carbon Challenge: Copenhagen Climate Conference

In a CNBC interview, CA executive chairman Bill McCracken identified the biggest hurdles to tackling the carbon challenge and how his company has become more profitable while cutting its global carbon footprint by 30 percent.

“From our perspective, software and technology is going to lead the change here," he said. "To know what to do, to be able to measure what you do, to understand what contributes to your carbon footprint is a necessary part of it."

McCracken went on to say that technology such as telepresence is helping to cut CA’s carbon footprint. The video technology allows employees to meet face to face without leaving the office—cutting travel costs, boosting margins and cutting carbon.

CA’s McCracken is one of nine CEOs from around the globe that have signed onto the CNBC Carbon Council, an initiative aimed at identifying opportunities in clean technology and the larger business of sustainability.