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Mad Mail: Chesapeake Energy Is Hiring?

Cramer started Tuesday’s Mad Mail by revisiting Heartware International , a stock that Sean from Kansas asked about last week.

This medical-device companies makes a heart pump called HVAD. While the pump has been approved in the European Union, the Food & Drug Administration has yet to bless it here in the States. Federal approval could take “a couple of years,” Cramer said.

For that reason, he called HTWR a speculation buy, especially considering that competitor Thoratec most likely won’t wait that long to make a better product.

Cramer was happy this week to see an e-mail from Chesapeake Energy Chairman and CEO Aubrey McClendon in his inbox…

Jim: Please be advised sir that to date this year, Chesapeake Energy has hired 1,765 new employees at average pay north of $60,000 per year! Thanks for hammering away for natural gas. It is all about jobs, job, jobs! –Aubrey

Cramer says: “I am proud to read that and to hear that. Job creation is everything in this country.”


Jim: I have a question about Cloud Peak Energy. You mentioned it as an IPO that was grossly under priced. I managed to buy the IPO at around $14.68 after it started trading. I'm wondering if this stock would be worth buying now since it was priced below expectations and has been virtually flat since it began trading. Thanks for your help. –Paul in Ohio

Cramer says: “Here’s the problem: People say, well, it’s going to lose this big contract not that long from now. And that that’s going to hurt it. They have the cleanest coal in the country. Coal is not going away. I wish it were, but it isn’t. Cloud is like buying what Warren Buffett is shipping when he buys Burlington Northern . I am in favor of buying CLD.”

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