Funny Business with Jane Wells

It's Beginning To Look A Lot More Riskless

The singers at VERSUS, known for their parodies, are out with their first holiday carol spoof. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot More Riskless," is sung to the tune of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas".

Poking fun at financial fat cats who've managed to bounce back from the financial meltdown, the composers work into the lyrics everything from the upside of high unemployment to high frequency trades.

Listen for yourself (ignore their struggles with correct punctuation):

Lyrics include:

"It's beginning to look a lot more riskless, Unemployment's popped!

Though I know the bleeding hearts, Show their misleading charts, Neighbor, all my labor costs have dropped!"


"Parades of more aides for high frequency trades, since brigades want into our pools.

Incentive retentive for those thought inventive who plot augmentative new tools,

So abstruse that we're let loose to go produce new rules!"

And finally, with a key change and big crescendo, this holiday favorite for the new normal ends:

"There's such fun in disastering,

When you've won the mastering,

Of the universe!"

Coming up in the next blog--a decidedly uglier tune I dub "Revenge of the (semi-cool) Nerds."

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