Funny Business with Jane Wells

Revenge of the Gangsta Nerds

Hell hath no fury like a video game programmer scorned.

Last week, Electronic Arts shut down its LA-based Pandemic Studios, which it bought two years ago as part of an acquisition that cost $775 million in cash and stock, a record at the time, according to the Los Angeles Times. reports that EA said in a memo it was retaining a core group of Pandemic workers and keeping the name, but laying off 200 people, including former CEO Andrew Goldman.

Pandemic started strong with games like Full Spectrum Warrior, Mercenaries and Star Wars: Battlefront, but more recent titles have faltered, and EA, suffering bigger problems, plans to trim a total of 1,500 jobs. This is merely the beginning of the bloodletting pandemic.

Well, things just got ugly.

A handful of people claiming to be former employees put together a vicious video on YouTube where they attack...a printer. Be warned, the video is set to a bit of gangsta rap which includes just about every offensive word you can think of. This is NOT for playing for the family on Thanksgiving.

In an effort to hide the identities of printer-killers, men creating quite the carbon footprint--literally, a black bar is plastered across their eyes. This should fool no one. Clearly they're programmers. How can I tell? They had a really hard time destroying the printer.

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