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Dubai Stock Market Fear Has 'Legs': Dennis Gartman

Dubai announced it requested a 6-month freeze on some $59 billion of debt repayment, creating anxiety in equity markets around the world.

What should investors expect going forward?

Dennis Gartman, founder of The Gartman Letter, shared his market insights with CNBC.

The Dubai problem has "legs," with plenty of potential ramifications that remain to be seen, Gartman said.

"What's taken capital markets, stock markets higher these past few months has been a growing optimism. ... The fact that Abu Dhabi has not come immediately to the aid of its sister emirate raise concerns, raises confusion," he explained.

"And I have a saying: confusion breeds contempt."

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Some of that "contempt" for equities is already evident, he believes: "You had a boat of people short of the U.S. dollar caught offguard."

Now, a significant portion of those investors are in a pessimistic rush to safety, Gartman noted.

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