Market Tips: Don't Fret Too Much About Dubai Debt

Global stocks sold off sharply on Friday, with Asia's Kospi and Hang Seng indexes down over 4 percent, as concerns about contagion from Dubai's debt crisis curb investors' appetite for riskier assets.

Experts told CNBC the dollar should get a short-term boost from the news but that the crisis can be contained.

Dubai Debt Will Have Short-Term Impact

Debt concerns in Dubai will have a short-term impact, says Arjuna Mahendran, managing director and head of investment strategy Asia at HSBC Private Bank.

Dubai's Debt Woes Merely "A Blip"

Dubai's debt problems are merely "a blip", says Arjuna Mahendran, managing director and head of investment strategy Asia at HSBC Private Bank.

Dubai Crisis Fallout Can Be Contained

The fallout from Dubai's debt crisis can be contained within the region, says Stuart Bennett, senior European economist at Calyon.

Impact of Dubai Debt on Currencies

The euro will not get hit as hard as the world thinks, says Scott Morrison, managing director of Tech Wizard. He speaks to CNBC about the impact of Dubai's debt concerns on currencies.

Dollar Strength is Short-Term

Expect short-term strength in the dollar, says Rob Rennie, currency strategist at Westpac Bank. He tells CNBC that this is a good sell opportunity.

Dubai's Debt Woes

Winterizing Your Portfolio - A CNBC Special Report

Dubai's debt problems will impact investor sentiment on emerging markets, says Ben Clark, portfolio manager at TMS Capital.

Cautious on Property Stocks

Debt is still a concern for property stocks, says Hugh Latimer, director of Aurora Funds Management.

Inflation in China Is Positive

Inflation is a positive for China, says Michael Kurtz, China strategist at Macquarie Securities. Meanwhile, Sean Darby, Nomura Int'l explains why he is betting big on Chinese banks.

Gold is Overvalued

Gold is overvalued at the moment, says Jonathan Barratt, managing director at Commodity Broking Services. He tells CNBC that investors should be cautious.

Gold Highs are Sustainable

The highs in gold over the past week are sustainable, says Republic Gold managing director, John Kelly.