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Tiger Ads Continue To Run Today

In what could be read as a sign that Tiger Woods is unaffected in the endorsement world by his accident this weekend, two of Woods’ sponsors have ads in two different national papers today.

Swiss watch company Tag Heuer has an ad with Woods on the front of the Life section of USA Today that reads “What are you made of?” Accenture has an ad in the Wall Street Journal that has Tiger walking through fescue with the line “The road to high performance isn’t always paved.”

TAG Heuer "What are you made of?" ad featuring Tiger Woods

Given the accident, many of the Accenture ads will now have a double meaning.

The consultancy firm has been running a series of spots featuring Woods in various stages of trouble all year, presumably to sell their consulting services to help clients through these tough times. An ad on the front of has Woods in a tough situation on the course with the line “It’s what you do next that counts.

Tiger Woods Accenture Ad with the headline "The Road to Performance Isn't Always Paved".

Accenture officials did not immediately respond to an e-mail inquiring about the Woods accident. Gillette , Nike and Chevron have all said they will standby the golfer.

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